The Consignment Process

The Consignment Process

At Earth MotorCars we own almost all of the 300+ vehicles we have in stock on a regular basis. Therefore since we do not need Consignments to fill our inventory like other dealerships we are very selective on the type of vehicle that we chose to become a part of our inventory. The Bottom Line is that we want our customers to have a Pristine Vehicle so if you own a Very Well Kept, Excellent Condition Classic, Exotic or Luxury Vehicle than we are the Dealership for You. We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own, market it with our professional touch and back it with our Outstanding Reputation in the industry. Below are all of the steps involved in a successful consignment transaction and Thank You for considering Earth MotorCars where We are Making Customers for Life!

Our goal at Earth MotorCars is to always give you the best options and peace of mind to protect your investment.

The Appraisal & Contract

Contact us to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle evaluated and appraised. Our professionals will look over the car, ask you questions about its history, check out the mileage, assess condition, marketability and present you with our findings. Once that is complete we would discuss what your lowest price is and if we are comfortable that we can resell your vehicle for a profit while achieving your price. After that we will complete the consignment contract and start taking the steps to sell your vehicle.

Make Ready & Advertising

We will now prepare your vehicle to have appx 40 professional photographs and build an advertisement highlighting all of your vehicle options, condition, financing and why a customer should buy it from us. We will advertise your vehicle on Auto Trader, Auto Trader Classics (if applicable), Ebay, our Website to generate traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other advertising sources to help drive activity.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of vehicle consignment vs. selling your vehicle independently is the transaction. We handle it all just like it was one of our vehicles. This is a huge advantage vs. selling it yourself. We are able to finance or lease the vehicle, sell an extended warranty, title and registration and we take all of the transaction risk. From Customer inquiries to completing the paperwork at the DMV we handle it all. Once the transaction is complete and we receive the funds you get a check for the agreed price less any bank payoffs on the vehicle if any. That is it, there is no cost to you at all.