Lease Vs Buy


The Benefits of Leasing

Vehicle leasing is now more popular than ever. In fact, 29-36% of the 15 million-plus cars sold in the United States every year are leased. So why is car leasing so popular? What are the advantages of auto leasing?

Auto Leasing is More Affordable

Monthly lease payments are significantly lower than a conventional purchase finance agreement so you can get much more car for your money. In most cases, when leasing a vehicle, you will not be required to put any money down other than fees.

Pay for What You Use

When you lease a car, you only pay for the amount of the car's value for the time that you are actually using it, plus interest. Why pay for the whole car when you only plan to use it for a few years?

Just turn it in

When you lease is done you can just turn it in vs. worrying about being upside down in the vehicle your trading in.

Tax Benefits of Leasing

Financial advisers and asset experts agree that you should purchase items that appreciate in value and rent or lease items that depreciate in value. The vast majority of new automobiles begin to depreciate in value as soon as you drive the car off of the lot and continue to do so. There are also many tax deductions that favor leasing which you can discuss with your CPA.

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